We’re looking for people who are as optimistic about the future as we are, and who want to shape it for the better.

Our mission

We think tech needs a change. In a world where products all look the same, we don’t want to just make the same thing as everyone else. What we want is to create iconic products that we’re proud to share with family and friends. And that means we have to do things differently. This is the spirit that drives and sustains everything we do.

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New job openings
our values
Achieving it together

In a year, we’ve grown from an idea to a 300 people-strong global team with offices in six regions. That’s not bad for an idea.

We can say the usual things about what it’s like to be part of Nothing, about being diverse, creative and collaborative. And all of that is true. But the crux of the matter is, everyone here are masters of their field who truly believe in the mission. We’re passionate, we work hard, and we speak our minds. As part of a driven, close-knit team, you’ll be part of projects and conversations that you might not expect and wouldn’t get the chance to in other companies.

If you think this sounds good (and who wouldn't, honestly), then please get in touch. We’d love to have you.